Why vector remote care?

Vector Remote Care combines cardiac expertise with technology innovation to improve the lives of cardiac patients and the clinics who support them

Why Vector Remote
Why Vector Remote


Helping patients get connected and stay connected


Patients consistently connected

Patients connected faster

Getting and keeping patients connected is at the core of what we do. Studies show that when patients get connected faster and remain connected consistently, their health and your clinic’s performance improve. Every new patient receives a welcome letter on clinic letterhead and phone call to get started – and that’s just the beginning.

Proactive outreach to keep patients connected

Vector Connect is the only proactive patient outreach service that keeps patients on track and reliably targets those who aren’t. Our Platform actively monitors daily transmissions, and directly connects with patients – by phone, text, and letter – when they lapse so they can get reconnected faster.

Frequent communications for patient peace-of-mind

When patients feel engaged and reassured, their trust in your clinic grows. That’s why we deliver timely, easy-to-understand phone calls or text messages after each transmission report, updating patients on their transmission schedule, device battery life.

Why Vector Remote


Providing clinics with actionable patient insight so you can focus on the care you need to provide today


Decrease in false alerts

Filter-out the noise to focus on patient priorities

You don’t have time to sift through unfiltered data from myriad device manufacturers, across multiple platforms to identify patient needs. Vector Remote Care – combining expert cardiac insight and platform intelligence – elevates, prioritizes, and centralizes patient incidents so you can focus on patient care.

Information when and where you need it

You’ll never miss an important patient notification with proactive alerts delivered to your clinic via email, text, or fax. And, the Vector Remote Care smartphone app places patient reports in the palm of your hand. Clinics also have on-demand access to a complete record of prioritized patient reports through the Vector Remote Care Platform.

Why Vector Remote


Helping clinics thrive with simplified operations, proactive patient information, and maximized revenue


Increase in clinic revenue

Break the transmission review bottleneck

There can be too much of a good thing. When clinics are forced to sift through massive volumes of unfiltered transmission data, the search to provide the most urgent patient care is like finding a needle in a haystack. Vector Remote Care combines cardiac expertise and platform intelligence to keep clinics in control and focused on prioritized patient care.

Improve the bottom line and increase billing simplicity

When more patients are consistently connected – and, when you can spend your valuable time providing prioritized patient care – your clinic thrives. Vector Remote Care dramatically increases the percentage of connected patients – but we don’t stop there. We also automate billing coding and reports to reduce clinic workload and maximize billing.

Your clinic. Your way.

Every clinic and patient is unique. Vector Remote Care understands that remote monitoring isn’t one-size-fits-all. We work closely with every clinic to understand reporting and notifications needs – and, we incorporate patient-specific criteria and conditions into every transmission review and report.

Why Vector Remote

Vector Remote Care has helped us improve our patient safety, patient compliance, and made our staff feel in better control of our remote monitoring program. We ultimately feel that our partnership with Vector Remote has helped us get more done on behalf of our patients, giving them the monitoring they deserve”

John Dercola

Supervisor Cardiac Electrophysiology Department CVM, WellStar Health System

Let’s get connected

Let Vector Remote Care help your clinic keep patients connected to let you focus on what matters most.