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How it Works

Vector Remote Care manages home monitoring for all implanted cardiac device patients. Our secure software platform give clinicians and physicians real-time access to all patient reports, no matter the manufacturer.  We provide easy to interpret, color coded and summarized dashboards.


Remote Cardiac Monitoring Done Right

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Emphasizing Connections

What good is a remote monitoring program if only a fraction of patients are compliant? At Vector Remote Care, patient connections are the primary focus of our Patient Support team. Through education and outreach we command an 80 percent compliance rate – versus an industry average of 35 percent – resulting in drastically reduced in-clinic burden, quicker incidence-to-response times and better patient outcomes.

Filter Out the Noise

Expecting your staff to cull through hundreds of duplicitous alert notifications is a highly inefficient use of their time (and your money). Here’s a better solution: Our cardiac device experts review every report and filter out the duplicitous alerts, ensuring that we are not simply processing data, but creating actionable intel. We analyze patient history and device diagnostics to appropriately screen out the noise, providing you with superior data and saving you time.

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  • Vikram Rajan, MD

    Partnering with Vector Remote Care has been instrumental in building a robust remote monitoring program.”
    “The platform encourages two-way communication for both clinical and logistical issues.”
     “My practice has seen a significant increase in revenue without proportionate labor-intensivity”
    Vikram Rajan MD
    Cardiovascular Disease
    Cardiac Electrophysiology
    Cardiology Consultants of Santa Monica
  • Marie Patino, Pacemaker Technologist

    “My favorite feature is the teamwork. VRC is 100% part of our team! We have a supportive working relationship and stay in touch throughout the week. My VRC team is available with rapid response to all requests and questions.”
    “I completely trust the VRC team to represent our practice, both professionally and compassionately, with all our patients.”
    Marie Patino
    Pacer/ICD Clinic
  • Christopher Porterfield, MD

    “We have been able to reduce clinical staffing at the office and have very reliable follow-up timelines for patients for remote checks.”

    “The smartphone app is invaluable, as we are able to look at data from anywhere”


    Christopher Porterfield, MD

    Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology

    San Luis Obispo, CA

About Us

The Difference is Our Clinical Team

At Vector Remote Care, we’re more than just a remote monitoring management program that streamlines device reporting. With our service, you also get a team of cardiac device specialists who elevate our software to something truly transformative in cardiology care – from both an operational and patient perspective.

We handle the labor-intensive tasks behind the scenes, so all you see is superior, actionable information. Queue better patient care, and much less hassle.

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