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Comprehensive cardiac remote monitoring software and services for Heart Rhythm and Heart Failure Management.

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Vector Solutions

Cardiac device clinics and technicians know that succeeding with remote monitoring technology includes a combination of proactive patient support, remote monitoring data management, and clinical expertise. 

Vector brings together the software and services to deliver the most complete cardiac remote monitoring solution. We created these solutions to support rhythm management and heart failure management so you can focus on what matters most: Keeping patients healthy.

Heart Rhythm Management

Heart Rhythm Management is at the core of Vector Remote Care solutions. Our three-tiered approach to Heart Rhythm Management ensures patients get connected faster, are connected consistently, and receive proactive, prioritized care from clinics.

Connect patients faster.

Proven patient outreach and education – including welcome letters on clinic letterhead and initial phone calls – ensure patients are quickly connected and transmitting on-schedule.

Proactive outreach to keep patients connected.

Vector Connect – our patient outreach service – actively monitors daily transmissions and proactively reaches out to patients when transmissions are missed so they can get reconnected faster and alerts don’t get missed. 

Summarized and prioritized patient reports integrated into your EMR.

We combine expert cardiac insight and patient intelligence to elevate, prioritize, and centralize patient incidents so you can focus on patient care. We can also make those reports available right in the patients EMR, so you can manage that patient’s care all in one place.

Heart Failure Management

Congestion is a major contributor to heart failure symptoms and hospitalizations. Thoracic impedance monitoring is providing new diagnostic insight to detect fluid accumulation through an implanted device.


The Vector Remote Care Heart Failure Management solution works in combination with our proven remote monitoring services to proactively detect potential heart failure episodes.

Predict HF events before they happen.

Detect early signs of heart failure utilizing algorithms that are already built into all major manufacturer devices.

Aggregate and analyze measurement data.

Vector aggregates monthly thoracic impedance measurements into a single diagnostic report.  Fluid status changes are analyzed against rhythm and therapy diagnostics.

Prioritized, pro-active notifications.

Summarized reports are prioritized and centralized in the Vector Remote Care Platform, available to your HF care team for simple, streamlined action.

Let’s get connected

Let Vector Remote Care help your clinic keep patients connected, while  you focus on what matters most.