Combining personalized cardiac expertise with an advanced technology platform.


Patient Support

Our highly trained Patient Support team is focused on getting and keeping your patients connected, from new patient on-boarding to proactive troubleshooting of monitoring and connectivity issues.

Accelerate new patient on-boarding

Every new patient receives an introductory phone call and welcome letter on your clinic’s letterhead. Our live Patient Support team is available to comfortingly walk patients through the process and address any monitoring concerns.


Routine monitoring status for every patient

Easy-to-understand, proactive phone calls or text messages ensure every patient knows their transmission schedule, device battery life, and more.


Vector Connect for lapsed transmission patient outreach

For patients with late or missed transmissions, the Vector Connect program uses time-sensitive multi-channel outreach – phone, text, and letter – to engage patients and help them get reconnected.


Clinic Services

Our cardiac device experts let clinics filter out the noise with accurate and timely patient-specific reporting, proactive clinic notifications, and accurate billing visibility.

Simple clinic set-up and onboarding

We make it easy for your clinic to get started, from a tailored workflow discovery to patient record import and validation. Our patient outreach informs and assures patients that Vector Remote Care is an extension of your clinic’s already-proven capabilities.


Patient-specific reporting by cardiac experts

Summarized reports – managed in the Vector Platform – filter-out the noise so you can focus on prioritized patient episodes. We adhere to your clinical protocols, and tailor each analysis to patient-specific criteria, like device type, known conditions, and current medications.


Proactive clinic and physician notifications

Real-time, tailored alerts are delivered to clinics and individual practitioners via phone, text, fax, and the Vector Platform. And, the Vector Remote Care smartphone app keeps essential patient reports at your fingertips.


Accurate billing visibility

We automate billing report creation, reducing operational workload. Clinics clearly know which patient bills are due -and have confidence that bills are properly coded – to maximize clinic billing. It’s no surprise that Vector clinics report a 58% increase in annual revenue.




Vector Remote Care Platform

The foundation of our services, the Vector platform applies analytical intelligence to prioritize patient care, streamline clinic operations, and provide ongoing performance insight to your clinic.

Escalate “real” patient episodes for VRC expert review

The Vector Remote Care platform evaluates every transmission to surface patient episodes that need expert assessment. The cardiac experts on our Clinical Services team then diligently analyze and summarize every critical patient episode into a report for review and management.


Intelligent alerts to so you can take action

Every patient report is ranked and prioritized. You’ll receive real-time notifications on your preferred channels – by text, email, in-application notification and more – to alert you to the patient actions you need to take.


Track and manage patients and results

The platform provides comprehensive access to every patient report, ranked by priority according to your clinic’s protocols. The Vector Platform also supports vendor agnostic integration to any EHR system, so patient records can be managed more efficiently.


On-demand insight into clinic performance

Comprehensive dashboards provide insight into your clinic’s essential KPIs. You’ll have complete visibility into number of reports by type, clinic revenue by physician, percent of patient connections over time, frequency of Vector support outreach to patients, and more.



Let’s get connected


Let Vector Remote Care help your clinic help get and keep patients connected, while letting you focus on what matters most.