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Where will RCM go from here?

While the future of heart disease management depends on leveraging remote monitoring technologies, adoption continues to lag even as innovation accelerates. 

In honor of American Heart Month, we are conducting a survey to gather insight into today’s remote cardiac monitoring utilization trends and challenges to help you understand why. Results of the survey will be collected and shared in the 2021 State of Remote Cardiac Monitoring report due out in Q2 2021. 

The report will include:

  • Data about the size and locations of clinics implementing and managing cardiac monitoring programs
  • Challenges cardiology clinics face that spur the need for remote monitoring, along with barriers to implementation
  • The volume of patient data and direct support clinics need to manage as a part of their remote monitoring programs

All responses are 100% anonymous. By taking this survey, you’ll help create a benchmark for determining remote cardiac monitoring maturity across the industry that you can use to evaluate your own clinic.

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