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Long before he founded Vector Remote Care, CEO Kevin Hoffman witnessed first-hand the pain and problems that arise from unmonitored cardiac devices. His mother suffered a traumatic cardiac arrest when he was in the eighth grade, and ended up with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Years later, she experienced multiple episodes of inappropriate shocks due to a lead malfunction, “If my mom had been monitored she wouldn’t have received those, we protect patients from this sort of thing every day.” Kevin says.

The experience heightened his interest in the cardiac device space, and Kevin spent 14 years working for St. Jude Medical. While there, he reconfirmed that patients with implanted devices still needed better care that included daily follow-ups for alert-driven home monitoring. He started Vector Remote Care with this mission in mind. Today, Vector Remote Care combines human expertise with an innovative software platform to provide the highest level of care for cardiac device patients. As a result, clinics are able to maximize patient safety, gain efficiencies and boost their own revenue in the process.

Meet the team

Kevin Hoffman

CEO & Founder

Jeffrey Hale

Patient Connections & Cardiac Device Expert

Bradley Cook

Senior Software Engineer

Dustin Woods

Senior Software Engineer
Medical Billing

Wendy Hoffman

Medical Billing

Jon Davis

Digital Marketing

Jill Cocores

Patient Success

Sarah Sterud

Patient Success
Patient Success

April Swaine

Patient Success & Cardiac Device Expert

Emily Olsen

Cardiac Device Expert

Rebecca Keni

Cardiac Device Expert

Jennifer Haskin

Cardiac Device Expert

Bruce Juhola

Executive Advisor

Amber Yates

Finance & Accounting

Kelly Kearsley

Content Strategist

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